If you have inherited your door from a previous owner, check with your solicitor who should have confirmed if any alterations had been undertaken to the property and attained copies of any building control consents attained for alterations undertaken, this should include information regarding any replacement of the flat door.

If you have changed your door, either the supplier or builder who installed your door should be able to confirm if the door installed was a fire door and provide you with a certificate confirming this.

If you are unable to find any information about your door, some simple checks you can carry out are listed below:

1. When you tap or knock your door does it sound hollow? Fire doors will be solid timber construction.

2. Look inside your letterbox, does it look like solid construction? Again a fire door should be solid wood.

3. Measure the thickness of your door. Is it 44mm or thicker?  Fire doors must be a minimum of 44mm (4.4cm) in thickness. If your door has panelled sections that are thinner than the door, these must be thicker than 44mm.

4. How many hinges are fitted to your door?  Fire doors should have a minimum of three hinges, that should bear the CE mark.

5. Does your door have glazed panels?  The glass in a fire door should be either Georgian wired or have an etched BS476:22 mark. If the glass has neither it is unlikely to be a fire door.

6. Look for a coloured plug in the door itself or any label or markings, which may indicate the door has been certified by either TRADAs Q-Mark scheme or BWFs Certifire scheme.

7. Is there a 25mm door stop fitted around the doorframe which the door closes on to or is there an intumescent smoke seal fitted? If not it is unlikely to be a fire door.

8. Is the door self closing? Fire doors are required to be fitted with either an overhead door closer or jamb closer.

9. Is the door or frame UPVC?  UPVC doors are not currently fire rated.


If you have checked all the above and you are not sure if your door is a fire door we would suggest that you take your own independant advice from a specialist contractor.

Please note, we are unable to give advice on whether your door currently complies with fire regulations.